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Polychrome’s investment in Browserless

Alex Boswell
min read
January 25, 2022

Why isn’t that an API? With Browserless, it is.

As more and more business processes move online, companies often find themselves wishing they could extend the functionality of a SaaS tool or the browser. Sometimes there’s an API that let’s them automate the task, but when there isn’t the options aren’t very good. Enter Browserless, a web automation platform with the mission to Make the web an API.

That’s a big mission! Browserless was founded by Joel Griffith 4 years ago while he was an engineer at Elastic. One of Joel’s jobs was to generate PDFs for customers to share the data/results they were getting on the Elastic platform. This was easy to do at first, but as they scaled this seemingly simple task, it became his team's primary job. Having engineers not working on core platform enhancements was extremely costly so he thought there must be a better way, and built Browserless. Fast forward 3.5 years, Browserless has over 2,000 customers, 4,000 stars on GitHub, and works with some of the largest businesses in the world including IKEA, Bloomberg and Cisco to name a few. These companies are using Browserless for many different use cases:

  • Web based task automation
  • Data collection & web scraping
  • PDF, screenshot, screencast generation
  • Web performance & reliability testing
  • More... when you Make the web an API the possibilities are pretty endless.

When we met Joel and talked to him about his mission, we saw how great of a business he had built, and the even greater potential it contains. That’s why Polychrome is excited to share that we have invested in Browserless and are on our way to making that mission a reality for more and more developers! Along with our investment, the Polychrome team is joining in and working alongside Joel, contributing to GTM, finance, and operations of the business. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership and adding Browserless to the family!

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